How To Have All Of Your Chat Services In One App

In an ideal world, all of our friends, relatives, and associates would be available in a single chat service for us to reach. In the real world, though, there are dozens of chat services and apps, and if we have a lot of friends, we might need to use multiple services ourselves. Instead of downloading countless apps and programs that would continuously run in the background, let's have a look at what is arguably the best All-in-One chat app.


The Most Powerful Supercomputers In The World

Massive supercomputer systems have extraordinary abilities. As such, their speed and power had made them awe-inspiring since their earliest appearances. Nowadays, their power almost doubles every year. With quantum computers right around the corner, nobody can imagine how much more powerful they're going to get. In this guide, you can learn what supercomputers can do, and which are the most powerful ones in the world.


How To Use Windows Ink With A Digital Pen

Many of us enjoy taking handwritten notes on a tablet, but everyone hates Comic Sans (those who don't are just wrong). So, how do we take handwritten notes without having to use such vile fonts? In this article, we will have a look at Microsoft's Windows Ink, which helps us keep notes, draw in every window, and create automatic reminders. So what is it, and how can we use it?


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