Ryzen 2700X Review - Is It The Best Mainstream Desktop Processor?

In April 2018, AMD released the new Ryzen processors, which are a refresh of the first generation that came out last year. We got our hands on the leading chip of the series, the Ryzen 2700X, and tested its strengths and weaknesses over a period of three months in various demanding tasks on our computer. In this guide, you will find the processor's review, regarding performance in real case scenarios.


The Games With The Best Graphics Of All Time (1993-2018)

When it comes to games, the graphics aren't what matters the most; but they are definitely not something to overlook, either. Over the years, game creators have been innovating both in graphics quality and in engineering. Most AAA modern games sport cutting-edge, realistic graphics. However, there have been only a few games that have left their mark on the video games industry. Here are the games with the best graphics of all time, so far.


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