What Can I Do If I Have Broken Phone Buttons

Modern smartphones with the big touchscreens have way fewer buttons than the devices of the past. However, these few buttons are more or less essential, and if even one of them breaks, we can have serious trouble with the use of our device. Let's see what we can do if we have broken phone buttons. Should we try to fix them or find alternative methods to use our phone?


What Is Net Neutrality Αnd How Its Repealing Can Ruin The Internet

The way we use the internet today might be in for a radical change soon. Net neutrality is an invaluable principle that gives us the right to free communication within the web. Unfortunately, it seems to be in danger. Let's see what net neutrality is, and how its repeal, which has a worryingly high chance of occurring on December 14th, can utterly ruin the internet as we know it.


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