The 5 best android assistant apps

The 5 Best Android Assistant Apps For Mobile Voice Commands

Apple’s Siri was the first personal assistant that made the public aware of the fantastic applications of artificial intelligence. However, Siri is only available for iOS, so Android users needed an alternative. Fortunately, there are several Android assistant apps which work as good, if not better than Siri. Our guide will introduce you to the best smart assistants for Android devices and help you decide which one is the best for your needs.


Junkmail - How To Report Spam and Improve Email for Everyone

Junkmail: How To Report Spam and Improve Email for All

Junkmail is far from a minor annoyance. More than 100 billion spam email messages are sent each and day, and the annual cost to fight spam was more than 20 billion dollars... in 2012. Most of us get at least one spam email on a daily basis. We might even be getting tens or hundreds of them, if we were careless with our email address. We can take part in this war, and properly report junkmail, to improve email for everyone.


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