The Most Lightweight Antivirus For An Old PC Or Weak Laptop

The Most Lightweight Antivirus For An Old PC Or Weak Laptop

It is criminal negligence to have a Windows PC without an antivirus installed. Well, it isn't, but it should be, at the very least. Even if we have a computer with limited capabilities or is quite old, we can install a lightweight antivirus which doesn't use much of the system's resources. In this guide, we have tested the best free, lightweight antivirus apps for old or low-end systems, for adequate safety without any annoying delays or freezes.


The 5 best android assistant apps

The 5 Best Android Assistant Apps For Mobile Voice Commands

Apple’s Siri was the first personal assistant that made the public aware of the fantastic applications of artificial intelligence. However, Siri is only available for iOS, so Android users needed an alternative. Fortunately, there are several Android assistant apps which work as good, if not better than Siri. Our guide will introduce you to the best smart assistants for Android devices and help you decide which one is the best for your needs.


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