SD Card Purchase Guide: How To Get The Best SD Card For Your Needs

If you've attempted to buy an SD or microSD card recently, you probably found out that there are many different kinds of cards with numerous different features. Depending on what device we intend to use the SD card on, we need to choose the appropriate UHS class, the Speed Class, the App Performance Class, and so on. Will it be V30 and above? How many GBs will we need? SDXC or SDHC?


How To Quickly And Easily Transform Photos Using Free Online Tools

We don't have to be a professional graphic designer to apply a couple of effects on a picture or do a few simple tricks. We can find various tools online to help us with these exact tasks. Through them, we can change the look of our pictures entirely, with only a handful of clicks. So, let's see the best online tools with which we can completely transform photos, for the low, low price of "free".


How To Properly Apply Thermal Paste To Your CPU

Even if we don’t know how to build a computer, we probably have heard of thermal pastes; the paste we spread on our CPU’s heatsink to increase the cooler’s effectiveness. But how do we apply it to the processor? How much should we use and which method is the best for spreading the paste? Also, does a cheap thermal paste do as good a job as an expensive one? In this guide, we will answer all these questions.


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